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Woodrush High School chose QSAN and Trustco to deliver a efficient storage solution

"The QSAN solution has given us an enterprise-class solution but at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage vendors."

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"QSAN really gave us a lot more for less in terms of system performance. QSAN was able to exceed our expectations and with their product as the heart of our data infrastructure, we are always able to meet new requirements and tackle unexpected…"

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National Institute of Agricultural Botany

"NIAB has been using QSAN products for several years. QSAN is essential for us in enabling the data infrastructure that powers NIAB's future."

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Regler Systems GmbH&NTFS GmbH&Co.KG

“Very responsive and good support. QSAN devices have a very good price/performance value. iSCSI Management is better than we expected and delivers all feature we need for our virtualization environments.”

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Continental Automotive Singapore Pte Ltd

“QSAN XCubeSAN XS5200 Series delivers the desired performance required in the smallest footprint, at the right budget for our requirements. It surpasses all of our technical expectations and delivers the results we need for our Surveillance application.”

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“QSAN XCubeSAN XS3216的效能,能充分的提供多台伺服器存取,並有效解決我們公司測試環境所需要的儲存空 間”

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"QSAN provided us with an enterprise-grade solution at minimum costs. QSAN storage is the core of our infrastructure which is the main tool of our business. In addition, using compatible drives and flexible scalability makes it easy to plan further expans..."

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Jeonju International Film Festival

“QSAN’s XCubeNAS is very cost-effective, future-oriented and has a wide range of advanced features, so we should pay attention to XN3004T especially in the movie shooting field.”

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Richfield Bloomington Credit Union RBCU

“QSAN provided us with three XCubeNAS units which are exactly what we were looking for. These NAS units are feature-rich for the performance and security-demanding enterprises. QSAN storage is outstanding, and we are happy to use them in our storage environment.”

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Patrick Schweitzer et Associés

In a selection process, the IT-department of ANTENNE BAYERN has tested several systems in-house. ….. QSAN systems also offer a wide range of enterprise functions already included with delivery.

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URI System

“Hypervisor Manager in XCubeNAS is a powerful yet user-friendly feature, providing us with confidence in solving complex network infrastructure challenges.”

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“Efficient and affordable storage solution for mission critical and secondary tasks in enterprise environment.”

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