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QSAN Release Information Security Trilogy To Prevent From The Ransomware

June  03 , 2021

Taipei City, Taiwan – June 3, 2021 - QSAN Inc., which is committed to providing secure storage solutions, released the Information Security Trilogy. With rapid growth of the endless blocking services, ransomware attacks, how to improve the protection of important data assets has become the most important topic of enterprises today. Faced with such a thorny issue of security, QSAN released Information Security Trilogy, leading the enterprise to effectively protect against any malicious cyberattack.

Backup Workflow

Step 1 - External Protection:
QSAN's access control and firewall can block various situations, or directly block specific IPs, and work with SSH/SSL synchronously to ensure data transmission security.

Step 2 – Core Data Protection:
Hackers will use ransomware to lock the data in your system and use it to threaten corporate a huge payment to unlock it. QSAN provides a variety of data protection measures, preventing data from being tampered or encrypted from the first line, and searching for malicious programs to prevent backdoor intrusion.

Core Data Protection

Step 3– Backup Protection:
Data backup is the initial line of defense to prevent data from being unexpectedly destroyed. Therefore, QSAN provides the following backup methods, applying regular backups can ensure data integrity and have disaster recovery at any time.

Backup Protection

In addition, if you want to achieve two-in-one step (core data and backup protection) at the same time, QSAN’s technology supports Veeam backup to achieve the integration of automatic data protection. Simple settings in a few steps, QSAN’s core technology - API will communicate between the two parties. Business can enjoy the triple data security protection of Veeam automatic backup + automatic snapshot + automatic WORM protection mechanism. This automatic technology support also considers the use of storage capacity. Make sure there’s not only data security but also the flexible storage capacity. The support for data protection will not affect general business operations while enjoying the triple auto-data-protection integration.

QSAN and Veeam Backup Intergration

For more details of integration between QSAN and Veeam, please refer to:
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About QSAN

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