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Seagate Nytro SAS SSD

Built For Fast Data Center Applications ​

  • 2TB capacity (960GB *2)​
  • Dual 12Gb/s SAS​
  • 5 Years Warranty​
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New Definition for

Entry-Level All-Flash Array

XCubeFAS 2026D

1.2 Million IOPs

under 1ms latency

MSRP sub.$20K

at least 10TB+

High Availability

Active-Active Dual-Controller

2020 5P Strategy

The Trendy Purchasing Strategy

PerformanceMore than 300K IOPs in 4K random write under 0.5ms latency
ProtocolFibre Channel and iSCSI host interface support
PersistenceActive-Active Dual-Controller architecture
PriceMSRP sub. $20K with 10TB capacity at minimum
PositionMeet the high-performance of databases, virtualization, media editing, AI and IOT industries
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