QSAN Releases Firmware 1.2.0 to Introduce QTiering and Support for New Host Card

Sep 05 , 2017
No 1 choice for both SMBs and enterprise storage.
Taipei Taiwan, 28 August 2017 - QSAN, an enterprise data storage manufacturer, today announced the release of the Firmware 1.2.0 for XCubeSAN series, offering further enhancements on its enterprise features set. Firmware 1.2.0 is the latest version of the QSAN XCubeSAN family offering improved performance of its SANOS 4.0 SAN storage operation system.
As with previous generations of its firmware, SANOS continues evolving and enhancing on its enterprise features, friendly user interface design, and performance improvement. In this latest version firmware 1.2.0, we support auto tiering 2.0 with flexible RAID and disk configurations, support for SSD endurances, IOPS performance monitoring, and iSCSI mutual CHAP. Lots of WEBUI operations are enhanced.  As well new firmware Qsan are now supporting the new host card HQ-10G2T containing 2 10GbE RJ45 ports to meet a variety of application needs.

QSAN’s host interface cards enable the XCubeSAN series hardrware to offer outstanding flexibility with 10GbE ports built in, and additional 16Gb Fibre Channel and 10GbE iSCSI (SFP+ & RJ45) options. The XCubeSAN series allows hybrid interfaces, so customers are able mix any two host connectivity types into a single enclosure, allowing for complete flexibility.

QSAN’s new SANOS 4.0 is equipped with a simple to use web GUI which can be easily deployed into any infrastructure and comes with a large selection of value-added features.

QSAN’s firmware 1.2.0 offers exceptional power and performance:

Auto Tiering (QTiering 2.0)
QSAN Auto Tiering (QTiering) is an automated tiering solution that automatically relocates disk blocks among pools of different storage devices, keeping the most demanding workloads operating at peak speeds. Auto Tiering 2.0 supports flexible RAID and disk configurations. You can create each tier (disk group) with different RAID level and different quantity of disk which offering Businesses flexibility and scalability to meet predicable and unpredicted demands

SSD Endurance
SSD (Solid State Drive) have been come a mainstream requirement in a storage environment but it has the disadvantage of limited write cycle. QSAN’s firmware 1.2.0 for XCubeSAN series provides an SSD endurance value to monitor the health of SSDs. This value is showed as a percentage for us to know the life remaining of our SSDs. The system will also notify user when the SSD endurance is less than 10% and also 5%, 3%, 2% by sequence.

System IOPS & Volume Performance Monitoring
Adding system IOPS performance in Dashboard and volume IOPS/Throughput performance in Monitoring page. These information will help users to monitor and analyze the performance and make the appropriate adjustments.

iSCSI Mutual CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol)
CHAP is a type of authentication in which the authentication server sends the client a key to be used for encrypting the username and password. Besides, mutual CHAP is a two-way authentication between the ISCSI target and the initiator. This feature really enforces the protection level of our data.
QSAN’s new host card completes the requirement for any solutions:

HQ-10G2T Host Card Support
The XCubeSAN now offers HQ-10G2T host card as an optional module. The 10 GbE RJ45 ports is no longer the patent on-board. With this revolutionary new model, QSAN’s XCubeSAN series not only complete the entire series of our host card products but can also meet a variety of application needs of SMBs and enterprise users.
Built with interoperability for the most popular operating systems, the XCubeSAN Series with FW 1.2.0 is the most cost-effective SAN storage systems available for SMB and enterprise market. It is a perfect solution to support datacenter storage, server virtualization, archiving, cold storage, large-scale surveillance, video streaming and editing, backup and for disaster recovery for both SMB and enterprises. Helping to reduce both capital expenditure and achieve maximum efficiency, the XCubeSAN series provides more than a 50% increase in performance, thanks to QSAN’s revolutionary technology and built-in Enterprise features. Click here for more information on FW 1.2.0.
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