QSAN Announces New AegisSAN Q500 SAN 12 Bay Model with Copy-to-Flash Data Protection and SSD Caching for SAN

Nov 17 , 2014
High-Value Enterprise SAN with Dual Active Controllers, Hardware Offloading and 16G FC/10GbE iSCSI Connectivity

November 17, 2014 – Taipei, Taiwan – Qsan Technology Inc, the professional network storage provider of SAN & Unified Storage, announces the newest 12 bay model in the AegisSAN Q500 SAN series offering enterprise performance and features at high value and low power consumption. This newest addition to the Q500 family comes in a compact 2U rackmount form factor and features Copy-to-Flash(C2F), the newest QSAN technology for data protection and reliability.
Designed to lower the total cost of ownership and enable increased availability and reliability, the Qsan Q500 array series features 16G FC and 10GbE iSCSI connectivity options, dual controllers for high availability, SSD Caching and a range of enterprise features, all running on an energy efficient Intel Briarwood platform and dual 80 Plus Gold power supplies.
C2F Data Protection
The latest 12 bay models of the Q500 feature a new QSAN technology Copy-to-Flash(C2F). C2F takes power protection a step further by using the reserve power of the battery backup module to save RAM contents to non-volatile flash memory stores when power is lost. Compared to using a battery backup alone, C2F offers longer and more reliable data protection when power is lost.
SSD Caching
Using the superiority of SSDs which offer exceptionally high speed, SSD caching technology provides the best way to fulfill cost-effectively the high performance and capacity requirements of enterprise applications such as enterprise web with database, cloud and virtualization. As a hybrid HDD and SSD solution, SSD Caching gives the benefits of both storage mediums.
High Availability & Reliability
The Q500 system features dual active storage controllers for high availability as well as fully redundant and modular hardware components including dual power supplies to ensure high availability. It offers multi-pathing and load balancing as well as hardware RAID for enterprise performance and reliability.
Hardware Offloading
QiSOE and fcQisoe are exclusive QSAN technologies which offload storage protocol operations to hardware, increasing host storage performance. iSCSI and Fibre Channel offer high network bandwidth but they create storage protocols overhead on the host. QiSOE for iSCSI and fcQiSOE for Fibre Channel are hardware offloading engines that can transfer the storage protocol overhead to hardware and improve storage performance.
Virtualization Performance
The AegisSAN Q500 system supports comprehensive virtualisation technologies including VMware VAAI, Citrix and Hyper-V. With VAAI certification; the disk array can offload server and network loading, speed up provisioning of new virtual machines and increase VM density. The array also provides its QThin thin provisioning feature so that organisations can avoid allocated but unused storage and be able to purchase only the disk capacity they actually need. In addition, it has plenty of value add-ons such as writable snapshot (QSnap), remote replication (QReplica) and battery backup module (BBM).
Available Models
  • Q500-F30 – 16G FC ports x2 + 1GbE ports x2 + 1GbE management port
  • Q500-F21 – 8G FC ports x4 + 1GbE ports x2 + 1GbE management port
  • Q500-F20 – 4G FC ports x4 + 1GbE ports x2 + 1GbE management port
  • Q500-P20 – 10GbE iSCSI(SFP+) ports x2 + 1GbE ports x2 + 1GbE management port
  • Q500-P21 – 10GbE iSCSI(10GBase-T) ports x2 + 1GbE ports x2 + 1GbE management port
  • Q500-P10 – 1GbE iSCSI x6 + 1GbE management port
All models come in 2U 12bay, 3U 16bay, and 4u 24bay form factors.