QSM 3.2 Features Specs Live Demo

The Most Reliable Enterprise Storage Solution

QSAN Storage Manager QSM is a NAS operation system specially designed for QSAN XCubeNAS series. The core of QSM is Linux kernel and in-house fine-tuning 128-bit ZFS. The ZFS has high scalability and can be managed easily, also with the ability to maintain the data integrity. QSM not only inherits the amazing native features of ZFS, its powerful storage features ensure persistent, reliable storage management, protection against data corruption, seamless capacity expansion, several data integrity mechanisms, pool and disk encryption protection, unlimited snapshots, and unlimited clones.

All New QSM

Faster and More Reliable QSM

QSAN always pays attention to storage device users and continues to improve its performance and efficiency. The new version of QSM makes XCubeNAS more trustworthy.


Gets the work done quickly. Comprehensive improvement in reliability.

More Reliable

Guarantee the system performance and reliable service under heavy workload.

Familiar Management

Your storage, your instruction. Standardized management interface lets you manage the storage in your familiar way.

Accurate System Resource Control

Utilize Your Resources Even Better

QSM 3.2 better utilizes the system resource​ and significantly lower memory usage under the same workload. Guarantees consistent performance and stability even under heavy workload.​​​

Amazing Improvement

Faster Large File Handling Speed​

QSM 3.2 enhanced the algorithm for large file handling and significantly improve the performance on high-end system. Deleting a large file is 300% faster now.​

300 % Faster

Shorter Reconstruction

Accelerated Rebuild Performance​

Pool rebuilding is urgent and need to be done without wasting time. QSM 3.2 shorten the rebuild time by 180%. Bring the system back to normal status with the lowest exposure to risk for important data.​

180 % Faster

Stunning Performance

Faster Backup and Synchronization Speed​

QSM 3.2 greatly improves Rsync and XMirror transmission speed.​
Data synchronization speed is 150% faster. With a refined software design, QSM 3.2 completes file synchronization in a shorter period of time for massive number of files or large size files.​

150 % Faster

RESTful API Support

Your Storage, Your Call

QSM 3.2 provide the standard RESTFUL API. XCubeNAS can be deployed into the IT management system using RESTFUL API and let IT managers continuous use the existing management tool,​ even the first-time user can finish the management job confidently, which considerably reduce the learning cost for organizations.​

Download RESTful API software manual >

The New RAID Z3

The Most Safety RAID Level

  • Ultralize system reliabilty for giant storage
  • 1.5x safety than RAID 6
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The mission of QSM was to simplify storage and to construct an enterprise level of quality from storage components by building smarter software – indeed that notion is at the heart of the ZFS (Zettabyte File System). The most important part of enterprise storage device is RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks). RAIDZ is a data and parity scheme like traditional RAID, but it uses dynamic strip width. Every block is its RAID-Z stripe regardless of block size which means every RAIDZ write is a full stripe write. At the same time, RAIDZ combines with COW (Copy on Write) transactional semantics of ZFS and eliminates the RAID write hole. Nowadays, the time to populate a drive is straight significant for RAID rebuild. As disks in RAID systems take longer to reconstruct, the reliability of the total system decreases due to the increased period running in a degraded state.As hard drive capacities continue to outpace their throughput, the time comes for a new level of the RAID – Triple Party RAID and Beyond. Today, to repair a RAID group can easily take more than a day and the problems are getting significantly more pronounced as HDD continue to outpace its throughput. Ave. 0.8 percent of disk failures would result in data loss to an uncorrectable bit error. Therefore, the time to repair a failed drives are increasing, and at the same time, the lengthening duration of a scrub means that errors are more likely to be encountered during repair. With RAIDZ2 (similar to RADI-6) increasingly unable to meet reliability requirements, there is an impending but yet urgent for Triple parity RAID. The data reliability on RAIDZ3 is 5X safer than RAIDZ2 and 30X safer than RAIDZ1(similar to RAID-5)

Snapshot Replication

Powerful Centralized Data Management

Speedy Multi-protection and flexible replications for different structures.

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Snapshot replication delivers powerful data management capabilities and is a cost-effective, easy-to-use centralized replication solution across different locations. With high speeds over LAN or WAN, you get high data availability and fast data replication for your business-critical data. Replication provides the storage backup competences by sending changed pieces over the network, which stimulate data transfers and minimize data transmission time. To recover from mirrored data corruption or data loss, it also eliminated the need for a separate infrastructure for maintaining backups at the DR site.


Flexible Protection

Snapshots record the status of Shared folders and iSCSI LUNs as changes happened on write. With ZFS snapshots, it’s read-only, point to time copy of a file system. By the instantaneous creations, administrators can easily take control data version and execute point-in-time recovery on XCubeNAS by flexibly restored methods. ZFS snapshots are ideal for storing many private copies of mostly shared data.

One-way Sync

1-way (unidirectional): data modification of the local NAS will be synchronized to the remote, but any data modification of remote NAS will not be reflected.

Two-way Sync

2-way (bi-directional): any data modification of a NAS will be synchronized to the others.

Multi Nodes Sync

Support multi devices real time data synchronization.

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XMirror is one of the functions of QSM. It regularly synchronizes a volume or the contents of a folder between multiple XCubeNAS devices, any modification to documents will be replicated to other XCubeNAS via QSM. By using XMirror, data on different XCubeNAS systems, data consistency and availability is ensured. XMirror supports Volume and Folder mirror and up to 64 versions control.

Backup Data to Cloud

Multiple Cloud Services

What if you don’t have a remote server or NAS to back up your data to? Never fear!! Cloud backup ensures that you can backup your data to multiple cloud services such as, Amazon S3, HiCloud S3, Alibaba OSS cloud, and S3 compatible services. This yet another way that XCubeNAS helps you to keep your data easy to be managed between Clouds and local devices.

IronWolf Health

XCubeNAS x IronWolf Health Management

Seagate IronWolf Health Management is now available on all XCubeNAS series. With it, XCubeNAS can do more on prevention, intervention, and recovery data. The additional hardware design and embedded health management software helps QSM monitors the environment and recommends preventative action to maximum the data protection for your valuable asset, data.

  • Data disater prevention
  • Advantaged intervention disaster
  • Addition recovery plan
  • Support all models of XCubeNAS
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IronWolf Health management monitors all status, such as temperature, shock, vibration, and disk connection unstable which helps the XCubeNAS to complete the data security solutions. The difference compares to S.M.A.R.T., the IronWolf health management provides 10 times more information than S.M.A.R.T.. Before the failure event happened, notify users of possible prevention and intervention action ahead of the time.

High-speed Network Technology

Fibre Channel Introduction

Fibre Channel (FC) is a high-speed network technology providing lossless delivery of raw block data, at a rate of 16Gb/s. It typically runs on optical fiber cables within and between servers, switches, and storage servers, but can also run on copper cabling.

Multipath I/O (MPIO)

Multipath I/O (MPIO) is designed to mitigate the effects of connection failure by providing an alternative data path between servers and storage devices.

High Reliability

It is vital to have a failover and load balancing configuration when deploying virtual storage solution in your IT environment.

Cutting-edge Performance

Base on 64K sequential throughput up to 3120+ MB/s read and 3050+ MB/s write performance of 16Gb Fibre Channel.

Multiple Application

Enhance the Business from Fibre Channel

High Technology Industry

  • High-Performance Storage
  • Server Cluster
  • Low Latency Required Applications
  • Large Database and Data Warehouses
  • Virtualization Storage Application

Government and Education

  • Smart City Backbones
  • City Surveillances Storage
  • Campus Backbones
  • Campus Security
  • Financial Infrastructure


  • TV Station Media Streaming
  • 8K/4K Media Online Editing