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Over the last two years, the pandemic has prompted many companies to shift from an office-based business model to remote work. In light of this, the role of 5G services and big data applications grows more significant for enterprise-level IT infrastructure. QSAN's continuous research and development have been aiming for storage applications supporting these new technologies. The platforms for demanding computing tasks must carry out large capacity of data storage and fast response time with low latency, given that data processing capability is the key to drive all these scenarios.​​

QSAN annual digital event will light up your way to experience efficient storage infrastructure solutions through a variety of topics, including addressing storage performance needs, protecting data assets from cyberattacks, and unlocking capacity limitation on a flat IT Budget. Join us to explore more about critical storage technologies powered by our reliable partners, Veeam and Western Digital. With their insight, the annual event will bring the industry a comprehensive view of the next generation of innovative data applications.​
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Deal with the Explosive Data Growth with Enterprise-Level Storage Solutions
Data protection and security are the basics of enterprise-level storage, while the efficiency, manageability, and cost-effectiveness serve as criterion for choosing the appropriate platform. Make right decisions, to have right things done.​​
Backup Security
Break through the Bottleneck of Computing Capability Using Intel Processors​
Applications including virtualization, media editing, and database demand more on data processing than ever. Storage performance becomes critical for enterprise, while processor dominates our software architecture. Explore how computing capability is promoted, in order to support reliable and efficient data services with reduced cost and complexity.​
Computing Capability
Enhance the Modern Data Protection Solution with Veeam to Prevent Ransomware​
Cyberattacks have been rated as one of the top risks. Recent examples reveal that ransomware attacks targeting storage and backup are on the rise. Only with solid, simple, and cost-effective solutions can digital assets be protected from the threats. QSAN works with Veeam to deliver a robust immutable storage solution against ransomware in virtualized environments.​
High Capacity Performance
Light Up the Future of Data Center Featuring Western Digital Platforms​
Data growth blasted in the last decade, and the trend is expected to continue in the following years. While enterprise works on catching up the growth of data, the increased pressure on IT infrastructure has triggered the demand on both density and performance. Let QSAN and Western Digital guide you through the prospects of data center.​​
Creative Problem Solvers
Eason Hsu​
Product Manager
Tony Lu​
Systems Engineer Senior
Ivy Kuo​
Channel Manager​
Yan Rong, KAN (Yan)
APAC Principle Field Application Engineer
Western Digital Corporation
Steven Lin
Global Sales Director
Antony Lee
Architecture Analyst
Phil Tai​
Head of Product Management
Elena Chang
Product Manager
Why You Should Attend​
Meet our strategic partners to latest key technology for the next digital transformation​​

Learn the most advanced storage technologies, backup strategies, and best practices better

Sharpen your backup skills for the Enterprise-grade storage trends of 2022
What to Expect
Learn how to plan the immutable backup ahead under the threat of ransomware​

Unleash the capacity limitation for the growing demand of data storage under a flat IT Budget​

Know how we drive storage performance to deal with various applications​