Centralized Management
A centralized management interface is always what system administrators desire for. QCentral is a Java-based centralized management tool. As long as you have Java Runtime Environment support in your personal computer either notebook or desktop,  QCentral is executable on that platform. It's a quick access to all QSAN storage systems with all necessary functions. The beauty is that all GUI functions are integrated into QCentral applicaiton including system status, enclosure management and volume settings. You don't need to open a web GUI for each storage system. They all consolidate into "One" window. It's a very convenient tool for IT administrators to manage all QSAN  storage arrays in the same local area network.
Intuitive and Friendly User Interface
The design gives you more intuitive insight of hierarchic structure of QSAN storage systems. It really helps to get you familiarized with the overall operations with less training time. Using different colors to represent different component statuses can help users identify problems easily and have a bird's eye view of the overall system status.

Clicking on different components of the graph will bring up the UI setting of that component. The left panel gives you a list of all QSAN storage systems found in the local area network. Again, different colors of the system names represent different health statuses. Have a look at the left panel and you know what is going on with all QSAN storage systems in the network.