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Leading Research University in Germany

“The XS5212D offers a full-featured dual HA SAN controller with unique additional features and expandable with Western Digital's JBOD that help us to hugely improve the storage operations in efficiency, performance and manageability."

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Beijing Radio & Television Station (BTV)

”QSAN XCubeNAS 8008T - The HD and 4K solutions perfectly meet the online editing needs of professional digital TV channels with more competitive cost.”

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Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

“The QSAN XCubeNXT 8016D is our ultimate choice to store crucial log data when it comes to the combined consideration of data security, high availability and price-performance ratio."

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Non-profit Cloud Services Provider

"We were pushing the limits of our legacy systems and knew it was time to upgrade from spinning disks to all flash and QSAN made high-throughput storage affordable for us"

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Geomatic Department in Turkey

“The TAKBIS Project is important to the development of our country and there are great expectations in the services it provides. The QSAN and Western Digital storage solution provided by DepoTurk provides accurate, reliable and quickly accessible land registry and cadastral information when needed.”

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Istituto Luce Cinecittà

"The QSAN XN5004T was very easy to install and manage. We are very satisfied by the speed of the Thunderbolt 3.0 card compared to the DAS solutions we were used to, equipped with Thunderbolt 2.0. "

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IT Forensic Services Provider

"The QSAN XCubeSAN 5226D Hybrid Flash Array delivers the perfect performance at a very good price. The platform has been rock solid with uptime better than 99.9 percent. Its dependability is important to our business because we simply don’t have the time to deal with lost data or reliability issues. Management is also simple and once the platform is up and running, it requires little administration. We can focus on our work, not IT issues."

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Leading Internet Service Provider(ISP) in the USA

"QSAN makes all-flash storage affordable, giving us the throughput for sophisticated applications like call optimization and fraud analytics. The QSAN solutions deliver the features, functionality, and dependability we demanded. Just as importantly, QSAN stands behind its products"

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Shanghai Design and Research Institute

“QSAN enterprise-level storage XN8012R is an impressive and cost-effective solution that can be perfectly integrated into the current information architecture. It makes configuration and system deployment easier. There is no need to worry about data loss caused by servers or other failures."

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School District in Pittsburgh

“The QSAN units deliver extraordinary performance and capacity, enabling us to meet the district’s present and future needs. Moreover, we maximized our school budget by purchasing all four devices for less than what a single unit from a major vendor would cost."

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“We have been present in the tourism market for over 30 years and kept expending year after year. We believe the success of the company is based on excellence of services. Today’s market is extremely different than it was just 5 years ago, we have to react quickly and adapt to every change. Our IT infrastructure is one of the major keys to success. Picking the right solutions is critical.”

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Sin Lin Yang Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.

"QSAN XCubeNAS storage system is the core of data sharing. Through simple deployment, it provides high efficiency and centralized data protection. In addition, Thin Provisioning allocation helps limited resources achieve maximum efficiency and operational flexibility."

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