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LG Energy Solution Battery (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.

“QSAN XN8012’s straightforward operation guarantees reliable storage of pivotal manufacturing data. It possesses stable and rapid data processing ability.”

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National Institute of Geophysic and Volcanology

"The management and installation of QSAN XCubeNXT XN8024D, equipped with Western Digital JBOD ULTRASTAR DATA60, was done with efficency and competecy from QSAN service partner Storelink Srl in Italy. the pre- and after-sales support was extremely good and the price was adequate with respect to our needs."

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California-based Security Specialist Chooses XCubeSAN for Over 100 VMs Hosting

"QSAN devices were an order of magnitude less costly than EMC storage and are very reliable, which is essential for corporate headquarters, city halls, and police departments with their jail cells,” said by the director of technology.“Whether it’s for the high I/O capability needed to support VMware storage or long-term retention of video footage, we recommend to our customers the same QSAN solutions that we use."

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"XCubeNXT 8026D could completely fulfill our requirements as well as budget expenditures. Its extraordinary cost performance value gives it a competitive edge leaps ahead of internationally renowned competitors."

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A Big Manufacturer of Agricultural Food Products from Russia

"QSAN solution looks perfect from the point of view of performance,scalability and price to our growing business.We can use our resources more effectively now."

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Taiwan Fund for Children and Families

“Integrated to our system, QSAN XCubeNAS XN8016R provides us with high-availability storage services, which improves data security of backup storage."

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China Media Group

“QSAN XN5012RE can be seamlessly integrated into our IT infrastructure with impressive cost-effectiveness. With simple operation, it prevents data loss and offer us throughout protection to our assets.”

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CBC Group of Companies

"We are quite satisfied with QSAN platform since the first installation in 2019. It met all the strict requirements of storage in our highly-virtualized environment to support the growing business." said by Leonid Priymak, IT Director of CBC Group. "When new storage demand came up, there was no doubt to consider QSAN."

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Government Services in French New Caledonia, Oceania

“QSAN proved once again that value and performance are universal winners, even on islands in the Pacific Ocean.”

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KKLife Inc.

“In addition to QSAN’s innovative RAID EE algorith, XF2026D features HA (active-active) architecture. The design achieves 99.9999% high availbility with hot-pluggable redundant design. "

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Iowa-Based University

“Of course, we would have preferred the performance boost of an all-flash platform,” said the IT director. “No one has ever asked me for less performance. But we assumed that an all solid-state storage array was beyond our budget. Thanks to QSAN that was no longer the case.”

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Russian Media Production Company and Entertainment TV Channel

"We are quite satisfied with the storages from QSAN and Western Digital. Now our PB-scale archival data are stored securely and economically in a very small footprint, and we can just add additional PB capacity in 4U rack space later without interruption of services."

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