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U.S. Engineering Company Protects Public Safety with Veeam Backup and QSAN Storage Solution

“The XCubeSAN systems have consistently demonstrated exceptional performance and resilience. They have shown their reliability and gained our trust over years.”

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Boosts AI and HPC Projects for Leading Academic Institution In Tianjin

"QSAN XS3326D has enabled us to quickly process the larger data sets in our HPC and AI projects, giving our researchers the ability to gain new insights and develop more accurate models."

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Vinod Patel in Fiji Boosts Veeam Backup with QSAN Deployed by Virtual Flex Solutions

"The QSAN XS3316D deployment was very easy, and we did not encounter any errors or challenges in deploying the solution."

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The Leading University in Taiwan

Considering our cumulative goals, we added QSAN XCubeNAS network attached storage to our system services lineup. We chose QSAN again as the powerful file management function of File Manager can effectively improve file sharing capacity and maintain the school’s evolving demands for high availability and efficiency.

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"QSAN XCubeSAN 5226D, equipped with all-flash drives and expanded with Western Digital Ultrastar Data60, thanks to QSAN native autotiering, QL-Tiering, met perfectly our performance requirements as backup repository, DR repository and secondary cluster VM storage in a mixed virtualized environment with SangFor (KVM), VMWare and Hyper-V."

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National University of Singapore

"We are impressed by the reliability and scalability QSAN XN8024R offered. Those enterprise-grade features built-in have supported our research development for years."

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Advanced Data Processing Center for Space Research

"Thanks to QSAN's storage solution and Infovirgin Technology Solutions Private Limited's support, data security is enhanced and data access in our organization is more agile."

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Kuandu Hospital

"Fast data transfer, quick deployment, thorough implementation, and stable quality of use fulfills the hospital’s requirements of high performance to implement excellent, trustworthy medical care into the community."

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Ensuring the Security of Sensitive Medical Data in Verona

"We needed a storage device that could grant us high-level security and high-availability to protect our sensitive data. Thanks to Silverlake's recommendation for QSAN's unified storage, XN8024D met all our requirements."

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Media Production Company in Canada Builds Larger Studio with QSAN Fibre Channel SAN

“Even with eight editors and two animators working with huge files simultaneously, the QSAN storage solution provides the speed and reliability to meet our every deadline.”

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Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Pingtung Branch

"Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Pingtung Branch chose QSAN XCubeSAN to quickly integrate with the existing Smart Wonder PACS medical platform. Overall, XCubeSAN has improved the efficiency of our operations. Staff and patients benefit from the XCubeSAN, which enables rapid image data with no delay to be exhibited on the display screens outside of each clinic wing."

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Famous Agricultural Holdings in EEU Accelerates the CRM with QSAN NVMe AFA

"Our CRM is demanding, but QSAN NVMe AFA XF3126D proved that storage is no longer the bottleneck."

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