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"XN5012R helps us to centralize all data and brings the most satisfaction than other devices we used before. With its high performance, we don’t have to waste our time on data transmission ever."

Planit Production

Company Biography

With more than a decade of experience, Planit Production has established itself to be a high quality, highly efficient and highly creative production company in South Korea. We specialize in producing innovative, original, and groundbreaking contents in any genre for the biggest and most established international agencies, creative partners, and brands. Already a winner of numerous awards from major festivals worldwide, we have, and work with, the most professional and meticulous producers, the most inventive and dedicated directors, planners and scenario writers, who are all in tune with the digital convergence era. Planit transcends a wide range of creative multimedia contents to lead various methods of communication that is desired by this era. In any situation, with any client and with any type of product, with Planit Production, you can find a solution with brilliant ideas. Working with our global company will guarantee you superior, intelligent contents, whilst providing you with the best possible service, knowledge and experience.

The Challenge

Before deploying XN5012R, all the necessary data always scattered here and there so it was hard for us to manage all those data efficiently. Data management consumed us a lot of time and it obstructed our workflow. High-resolution images and videos are the most commonly used data. They affect data transmission speed and interfere our working efficiency. We had also concerned how to archive the data security. In the production industry, after finalization of audio and video files, they can be always in danger of being missed and stolen by anyone’s mistake or virus infection. We hope that we can find a storage solution to meet our demand. 

The Solution

We get to know the brand, QSAN through WITHNIT Co., Ltd and purchased XN5012R which is a 12 bays rack NAS storage. With XN5012R, we configured the device RAID 6 with Seagate’s HDD, EXOS 10TB 12 pcs. As we are the production company and mainly focus on handling high resolution images and videos, we kept looking for an appropriate storage with high data transmission speed to help us. Most of our staffs are using MacBook or iMac for editing.

The Benefits

XN5012R helps us to centralize all data and brings the most satisfaction than other devices we used before. With its high performance, we don’t have to waste our time on data transmission ever. XCubeNAS provides QSAN cloud, our staffs can easily work from outside to access the data. XN5012R’s stability also dispels our doubts about the use of related products before.

The unique feature of XN5012R, Write Once Ready Many (WORM), keeps us from the threat of unexpectedly data deleting and prevents any intentional or accidental modification of data in the time period we set. We secured all the final images and videos in a folder under WORM technology. WORM becomes our strong shield against Ransomware. Ransomware is a malicious software, lock and encrypt a victim’s computer data. WORM technology protects our confidential data from unauthorized modification and threat, ensuring the correctness and integrity of data. Thanks QSAN to bring this enterprise-class feature to SMB storage. If we have to recommend a good storage to other companies in our industry, definitely we would say QSAN’s XCubeNAS series is the best choice.


Recommended Product

XCubeNAS 5000

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Recommended Features

  • Write Once Read Many (WORM)
  • Performance