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“QSAN’s XCubeNAS is very cost-effective, future-oriented and has a wide range of advanced features, so we should pay attention to XN3004T especially in the movie shooting field.”

Company Biography

Introduction of Film Company and Purpose of Jeonju International Film Festival
Jeonju International Film Festival made its debut in 2000, and has been held consistently since its conception. This year is its 19th anniversary. Jeonju International Film Festival is a movie festival that people from all over the world come to enjoy various movies which are not restrained by traditional movie customs. At the same time, all visitors can think about movies by their own ways and they can communicate each other by sharing their thoughts.

In this festival, all the directors can make movies with their own perspective about the world and there’s no limitation in expressing their political, artistic view. This festival focuses more on the sharing of directors’ perspective than the movies itself. That’s why this festival has been received global recognition by people in the world and becoming to get many attentions.


Introduction on a Director of [ The Land on the Waves (2018) ]
The film director, Lim Tae Gue made his directorial debut with his first feature movie [The Seeds of Violence (2017)]. [The Land on the Waves (2018)] is his second feature film. He was awarded at Jeonju International Film Festival 2017 and CGV Art House Award. In the same year, he joined the competition with new directors at San Sebastián Film Festival held in Spain and he also got invited to a special exhibition of Korean movies at Mar Del Plata Film Festival.


Introduction on a Producer of [ The Land on the Waves (2018) ]
Lee Hyung-Seok is a producer of [ The Land on the Waves (2018) ]. He produced [ Virgin Forest (2012), ] [ Echo of Dragon (2013) ], [ Po-Hang (2014) ], [ Gi-Hwa (2015) ], [ Samrye (2015) ], [ National Glory church (2017) ], and [ Land on the Waves (2018) ] and so on. His movies were released in Cinema Digital Seoul, Jeonju International Film Festival, Seoul International Women’s Film Festival, Torino Film Festival, and Split Film Festival.

In this festival, all the directors can make movies with their own perspective about the world and there’s no limitation in expressing their political, artistic view. This festival focuses more on the sharing of directors’ perspective than the movies itself. That’s why this festival has been received global recognition by people in the world and becoming to get many attentions.


The Meaning and Synopsis of [ The Land on the Waves (2018) ]
[ The Land on the Waves (2018) ] is a movie that shows a special life story of normal people with the great location shots. Jeonju International Film Festival proceeds a program called Jeonju Cinema Project (JPC) which not only contributes diverse film but also invests, produces, and distributes promising feature films. This movie is selected by Jeonju Cinema Project (JPC) and it will be released in the 19th Jeonju International Film Festival.

The Challenge

When it comes to filming, data management is a really critical issue. Movies in the past were made with a roll of films but nowadays, these old movies can be recreated to the concept of ‘Digital Remastering’ which indicates that the range of digital image and sound is increasing. However, compared to the huge expense of casting, art, and filming for completing a movie, people don’t invest to ‘data storage’ for building a stable data management. Besides, if we consider the trend of widening DIT (Digital Image Technician)’s role these days, it can be said that ‘data storage’ is in transit of reaching a new paradigm. These days, the resolution of movies we watch in theaters is usually 2K but actually the movies are shot by 4K high resolution. However, as I’ve already mentioned above, stable and safe data management is a very important factor in filming a movie, even away from the resolution. There is always a possibility of data corruption although the storage capacity of HDDs are getting larger according to the development of technology. Even if we backup the data any number of times, the safety of data can’t be ensured because data can always be in danger by any circumstance.

The Solution

As I mentioned above, as a film producer in the age of digital films, the issue of data’s reliable management and security is important as it influences the final result of film project. In this respect, the reason why I chose QSAN’s XCubeNAS is because QSAN has WORM technology on their NAS devices in order to protect your data. WORM technology, meaning that if you Write Once you can only Read Many doesn’t allow intentional or accidental modification of data during a certain period defined by you. Therefore, the data never gets threatened or affected by any threats and the data can be secured and stored safely. When I heard about this technology, it sounded unfamiliar. However, later I could recognize that if you use WORM technology, you don’t need to back up the film images or videos multiple times. That’s because when you set a certain period, even you are not allowed to modify or delete the data. So, you can feel rested with data corruption or loss that you always have been worried in saving film images and videos.
With these great features of WORM technology, the film images and videos, that is, the large data can be stored reliably and there won’t be any possibilities of getting corrupted or lost. So, all staffs felt very relieved while they were doing their job with XN3004T. Also, Ransomware is a recent issue to people who deal with data every day at work. Ransomware is encryption-based and it installs covertly on a victim’s system and encrypts their files, making them inaccessible, but if you save your data on XCubeNAS with WORM technology, you wouldn’t need to worry about your data’s security at all. Adding to the SED (Self-Encryption Drive) function and file encryption mechanism, WORM technology is designed for the perfect protection of your data in your storage which is in use. So, you can say that your data is 100 percent secured. Therefore, WORM technology will protect your confidential data from unauthorized modification and threat, ensuring the correctness and integrity of your data. I think this WORM technology in XN3004T could be very effective for data protection. Also, I was told that this technology is normally not included on the most of NAS systems, so I can say that QSAN’s XCubeNAS was the right choice for a film production which is extremely concerned about data security.


The Benefits

QSAN’s XCubeNAS is very cost-effective, future-oriented and has a wide range of advanced features, so we should pay attention to XN3004T especially in the movie shooting field. The reason is that as if multiple film editors can share the edit timeline after each of the different network clients have data access permission, we are reaching the era when the data also needs to be easy to get access ,having unlimited freedom of time and space between production and post-production at the same time. What I mean is that XN3004T is the greatest solution as a formless platform which allowed us to check the source of movie shooting field in real time. So, when I helped to produce the movie , I thought it would be good to use XN3004T which is a 4 bay model of the XCubeNAS tower series.
Explaining about XN3004T a little bit more; XCubeNAS XN3004T is a simple, solid and stylish NAS system. When I tried to install XN3004T, it was really easy for me to install and maintain the device at the same time; I think maybe XN3004T is designed to be user-friendly. The appearance was very simple and the weight was so light that I could put it anywhere during editing or filming. With XN3004T, the data could become one piece of film without passing through the additional platform from the beginning to the end. We didn’t need to check the images of film with the connected monitors or cameras. XN3004T allowed us to check the images in the multiple monitors which were located far away from the cameras using Bluetooth function. I can say that XN3004T is a revolution to data storage because now it allows us to transmit and receive unlimited data through Wi-Fi. Users don’t need to go back and forth from the editing room to recording room anymore while carrying HDDs that bear important data.

Luckily with good chance, I could get a nice NAS system by QSAN’s Korean partner WITHNIT Co., Ltd. and HDDs from Seagate. Thanks to the Ironwolf HDD which is exclusive for NAS system, not only could we store the data comfortably and safely but also we could transmit the video data of outdoor shooting reliably. With the use of Seagate’s exclusive HDD for NAS system, we could process data transfer and check smoothly without any speed down or losing connection in a status of multiple staffs are accessed into NAS. I was afraid that the speed might be slowed down because multiple staffs input and output the huge data, but unexpectedly, there were no decline in speed even if all the staffs are accessed. Furthermore, the videos filmed outdoors could be transmitted safely and stably thanks to Seagate’s HDD which is strong and durable for external impact. With the cooperation of WITHNIT, we could transmit video data safely based on using Seagate’s HDD Ironwolf which is exclusive for NAS systems. While I was producing the movie, I didn’t need to worry about data corruption because Seagate supports ‘Rescue Service Plan’ with Ironwolf HDD. Through ‘Rescue Service Plan,’ the video data which is critical for producing the film could be safe. Even if any of the video data is corrupted, we don’t need to worry because, Seagate provides this rescue service in order to restore clients’ data. There are many private data recovery companies for people whose data is corrupted and lost, but if you ask these companies to recover the whole data you lost, there will be a possibility for your internal data to be leaked outside. However, for me, it sounded very fresh that Seagate has its own Rescue Service Plan for this kind of unhappy situation. Therefore, all staffs could focus on their job thanks to ‘Rescue Service Plan.’ This service is like an insurance covering any troubles such as loss of filming source that can happen all the time.
With these great features, my previous movie could be filmed as well. As I have already experienced all of these amazing features, I was sure that my decision of using QSAN’s XCubeNAS and Seagate’s Ironwolf HDD was totally right for the next movie . Through these two movies, and , I experienced this amazing device and of course, if I can have a chance to use any NAS storage for film making, I won’t ever hesitate to choose QSAN’s XCubeNAS and Seagate’s Ironwolf HDD.
Still, even in these days, NAS systems can be unfamiliar to many people. When I met the XN3004T, I could process ‘Location to Mastering’ at once without any disturbance and troubles. What I mean is that I had an amazing experience that I could reach to the completed movie a lot faster and safer with XN3004T. The very consequence of this outstanding experience and excellent filming begins from the encounter of QSAN’s XCubeNAS.

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